Posted in January 2012

a horrible, awful, very bad week

  Buenos dias, muchachos. Incidentally, when I typed “Muchachos”, my computer suggested I change it to “Muttonchops.” So: Buenos dias, muttonchops! But let’s get down to brass tacks: last week SUCKED. It was almost unbelievable. I know we all have our issues, so I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say that I called my … Continue reading

wishlist wednesday: spring

My mom read me these books when I was little. They were about a mouse named Vera who loved clothes. I think this may have been the root of my fashion obsession, but what’s my point?  Vera had a problem with dressing for the weather. I feel ya, sister. The first nice day of late … Continue reading

ruffle some-well, you know.

Feathers have been a huge thing lately. I admit I kinda thought they’s go away, but they haven’t. Feather skirts! Feather hats! Feather dresses! CAW-CAW! Sorry. As much as I love this trend, (I was stealing my dad’s fly-tying stuff to make headbands LONG before this whole thing started), I don’t see myself rockin’ a … Continue reading

I Like

Hello, my lovelies! The reason you haven’t heard from me in few days is because my neighborhood was close to being underwater. Seriously, it wasn’t even funny. I was having dreams about floating around somewhere clinging to a door, Titanic-style. but the waters are now receding, and hopefully they continue to do so. In the … Continue reading

wishlist wednesday: art

Maybe it’s the torrential downpour and slate-grey skies outside right now, but I have suddenly realized that the walls of my tiny apartment are very..white. Not that white is a bad thing, really, (Hey, I’M white, after all), but I find myself craving color. Oregon winters will do that to a sister. This post really … Continue reading

(pull yourself) up by your bootstraps

Hey Dudes and Dudettes! I know that I talk about boots a lot on the blog. Maybe I should just make it about boots. DON’T TEMPT ME. If you remember an earlier post, you know I was bragging about an awesome pair of vintage boots I found  at an estate sale for $2.00. They rock … Continue reading

to snow or not to snow

Apparently it’s supposed to start snowing here in Oregon pretty soon! Personally I think the best we’re gonna get is an A for effort, but I’m a pessimist. Anyway, I know one thing: it’s ridiculously cold out right now, like EAST COAST COLD. Okay, that’s not true. But I’m used to a temperate climate! I did n’t … Continue reading

I have a shoe fetish

Guess what?! It’s a sunny winter day in Oregon! By the way everyone is acting right now, (read: HAPPY), I fully expect winged swine to materialize at any moment. BUT. We have matters to discuss.   I blame my mother for my love of shoes..she has really good taste in shoes. Plus, making her the reason … Continue reading

How to Never Go to the Mall Again

Fight the power, man. All my life, I have hated shopping for clothes. It happens every time. Several days before the dreaded trip, I get nervous. A knot develops in my stomach. My vision gets blurry. My hands go numb. (Okay, not really, but you get the picture.) Why, do you ask? Because nothing fits! … Continue reading