Wishlist Wednesday: A New Kind Of Doctor’s Coat

Respect the jacket!

First Order of business: I would like to dedicate this post to my friend and co-worker Ashley..because the idea for this post came from her. Credit where credit ’tis due, I always say.

Futhermore: I need this coat. I’ve been wanting a tweed jacket with elbow patches FOREVER. I stand the deprivation any longer. I am not ashamed to admit I rock the nutty professor look (and hair. Crazy hair is a sign of genius. Proof: Einstien.) This piece would fit in perfectly with my wardrobe. (I also enjoy documentaries and drive a Volvo. Sue me.)
Alas, evil forces are conspiring to keep me and said coveted outerwear apart. I looked for one online, and the cheapest one I found (and liked, an important element), was 80 bucks. THAT AIN’T HAPPENING.
So, I’ve off to Goodwill today to find a jacket to embellish. Blazer, felt, how hard can it be? Famous last words, I know, but photos and tutorial are soon to follow!

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