(pull yourself) up by your bootstraps

Hey look, expensive shoes. HOW ORIGINAL.

Hey Dudes and Dudettes! I know that I talk about boots a lot on the blog. Maybe I should just make it about boots. DON’T TEMPT ME. If you remember an earlier post, you know I was bragging about an awesome pair of vintage boots I found  at an estate sale for $2.00. They rock my world, basically. I wear them several times a week, and I’ve had them re-soled twice in the time I’ve owned them. They’re the kind of shoes that got your back, ya dig? But the point of this whole thing is that I wanted boots that look like the ones in this picture. The straps..buckles..studs..OK, I never got past the Hot Topic stage. The problem was the same as usual, though: no tengo mucho dinero. So, of course, I had to figure out how to make my own.

These cost 5 dolla. COMBINED.

So the first thing you’ll need is a pair of black ankle boots that fit comfortably. I used a pair with wider heels because I don’t like the feeling of trying to walk around on something the size of a ballpoint pen. Then, for the straps, find a belt of three to chop up and experiment with. I used a buckle one and a studded one, which I found at Goodwill. Measure the boots around the toe/foot box/ankle wherever you want to place your straps. Then, trim the straps to that length, subtracting about an inch from the total length (you’ll see why in a minute.)

The sewing step

After you’ve got your straps ready, cut a piece of one-inch-wide elastic about 1 1/2 inches long. Sew it to each side of the strap. You should end up with a bracelet-type strap. Make sure you really reinforce the stitching. You might need a heavy-duty needle to do this, depends on how thick the material of your straps are. Do this with all of your straps. (My pair has three straps on each boot.) Note: My elastic doesn’t match the straps. It looks better if it does.

Finished strap

When your straps are done, stack ’em on your boots. I experimented with the placement on mine for quite a while.

The finished product

And this is what your finished boots should look like (except they’ll be yours! Exactly like you want them!) People will be staring enviously at your feet. Hope that doesn’t like, totally freak you out.

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