wishlist wednesday: art

No, I didn't remove the color, it actually looks that way here

Maybe it’s the torrential downpour and slate-grey skies outside right now, but I have suddenly realized that the walls of my tiny apartment are very..white. Not that white is a bad thing, really, (Hey, I’M white, after all), but I find myself craving color. Oregon winters will do that to a sister. This post really doesn’t have anything to do with clothes, but it has everything to do with DIY, so I figured y’all will forgive me.

800 clams, eh? I ain't a drug dealer!

I’ve decided I need some wall-pretty-makin’ art, but FAST. Trouble is, pretty ain’t cheap. I need to get creative with this one. This bird collage from Anthropologie is pretty, but it costs almost 800 dollars. Ha. That’s four months of rent. Not happening. However, they (happily) make the mistake of describing the technique used to make it. Slice up strips of old pictures/paintings, glue them onto a thick paper base, distress a frame, and slap ’em together. Easy peasy. An added bonus is that this reminds me of Portlandia’s excellent “Put a bird on it” skit. If you haven’t seen that, you’re missing out on life, brah.





Who knew melted wax could be so fun?



Think crayolas are just for the preschool set? THINK AGAIN. There are some badass ways to make art with crayons, and don’t worry, none of them involve coloring inside the lines. The picture on the right is made with melted crayons on canvas. You can find instructions by googling “Melted crayon art.” Plus you get to destroy things, so there’s basically no reason NOT to do this.




Rock the Casbah. Basically




One of my personal favorites as far as wall statements are concerned is fabric-covered canvases. (They’re crazy cheap to make, to.) The process for making these is just about as boring as it sounds, but staple guns are required, so make sure you keep track of your fingers. Steps: wrap fabric around canvas. Fold corners. Staple fabric to frame. Rinse and repeat.




Hey, I just found out I can’t hang any art up because my walls aren’t only white, they’re padded. This is normal right? Right? Guys?





2 thoughts on “wishlist wednesday: art

  1. Love this. Its raining here in san diego too. But its welcome. Just wanted to say i really dig the anthro hack. Im OBSESSED with their store displays- especially window displays. *sigh* Portlandia is hilarious. Its right on about the locals too (lived there in 09). But as accurate and amusing as the put a bird on it episode was, i can no longer find the same joy in the over-saturated bird-related crafty goodness trend. Thats okay though, Ive moved onto foxes. Keep blogging – vk.
    Oh and i really dig what you named your blog. Super cool.

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