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Hello, my lovelies! The reason you haven’t heard from me in few days is because my neighborhood was close to being underwater. Seriously, it wasn’t even funny. I was having dreams about floating around somewhere clinging to a door, Titanic-style. but the waters are now receding, and hopefully they continue to do so. In the meantime, I’m going to share some things that inspire my style, my “look”, if you will. I hope they inspire you, as well.

Hats, Bags, Shoes, OH MY!

1. Menswear! I’m not one to swan about in drag, unlike Lady Gaga, I have no Joe Calderone,  but I love the sharpness and precision that goes into the tailoring of men’s clothes. (Especially suits and coats.) Women’s clothes, (pardon the generalization), tend to be floatier, rufflier, flowier, etc. That ain’t my thing, brah. Sorry. I am also growing increasingly frustrated with how poorly made and downright skanky-lookin’ (yes I realize I sound like a granny), women’s clothes are becoming. I have no interest in looking like I’m heading to the corner for the night.

Aw! I love a lady in a lid!

2. japanstreets.com: Possibly one of the most idea-packed fashion blogs I have ever had the pleasure to read. I live in an area where wearing a skirt will get you asked “why you’re so dressed up.” I love looking at pictures of people who are fully committed to their style, even if it’s kind of insane. Risk-takers make me feel braver. This blog has beautiful pics of young people with outfits ranging from minimalist 90’s rocker to Alice in Wonderland Harajuku craziness. It’s pretty much a candy store for your eyes.

Because everyone needs a feather turban

3. Vintage fashion, especially the ’20’s, 40’s, and 80’s. The 1920’s epitomize the kind of no-holds-barred glamour that both terrifies and fascinates me. I’m going through a serious tomboy phase right now, but the fringe, turbans, silk and pearls of the Roaring 20’s make me want to fancify a little, even if that only means adding a swipe of lipstick to my jeans and boots. 40’s fashion is a perfect example of the KICK principle, (which of course stands for Keep It Classy, Kids.) This is something we could definitely use a bit more of! The 80’s….well, let’s just say I’ve taken some heat for the trends I borrow from this time period. Nevermind the haters. I don’t have to justify my love. (Ha!) Add these all togther, add a twist of 90’s and a whiff of mod, and you have a strange combo that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, but is always..fun, shall we say?

4. fashion-era.com: The most comprehensive online archive of vintage and current fashion trends I have ever found. More than just an overview of what was popular in each era, this site provides an in-depth history of the clothes, trends, and provides drawings of each. I would recommend this site for research, not just fashion advice. It will, however, take you hours to explore this vast resource, but it’s a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon..take it from an expert.

I want that vest, NOW


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