wishlist wednesday: spring

sisterfriend knows how to accessorize

My mom read me these books when I was little. They were about a mouse named Vera who loved clothes. I think this may have been the root of my fashion obsession, but what’s my point?  Vera had a problem with dressing for the weather. I feel ya, sister. The first nice day of late winter/early spring, she’d put on her dress and heels…and get rained on. Well. Pretty sure she lived in the NW, for one thing, and, for another, I am getting tired of rainjackets and boots, ponchos and umbrellas..I want to wear cute shoes again. Join me as I fantasize about April. (The month, not some random chick.) Phew.






coach is wicked overrated

So these flowery sandals from Coach are adorable (I like something with flowers on it. If you’re reading this from Hell, there’s now a frost warning.) There is a problem, though: the cheapest price I’ve found is $90.00. Uh yea..that’s not happening. Luckily, you can make your own for a lot less. Start with a pair of flat sandals (flip-flops would work to, they’re your shoes, do what you want.) I found many pairs on Ebay for 10 bucks or less. Etsy is a good place to find leather flowers for embellishment, I found lots of 20 for $10. Sew or hot-glue the flowers onto the straps, stick ’em on your feet, and hey presto! Designer-look shoes for 20 clams or less!



if it's good enough for them, pretty sure I approve

Head scarves are the sh!t. Just sayin’. I’m a white girl who happens to have a fro, (call it a jewfro. Bob Dylan-style..I guess.) Some days my hair is not fit to be seen. Solution: kicky scarf. Hides your mangled headsuit and makes you look oh-so-glamorous. AND, an essential seampunk feature: SUPA DUPA CHEAP. You can find these guys at every thrift store you go to for like a buck. So why not? There are also schmillions of scarf-tying tutorials all over the web, just keep in mind you’ll need to adjust the size of the scarf to your head shape/hair thickness. I have a noggin the size of the Great Pumpkin, so I usually end up with something resembling a tablecloth.







Is it bad that I kinda want to make this?! I (obviously) wouldn’t do it in pink..but my go-to black seems a little predictable and a bit heavy for Spring. Maybe a blue/silver, or mixed metallic shades. This would be a lot of work, and I would have to figure out how to make it, can’t decode by looking at the pic on this one! But just imagine this in vintage glass beads and costume jewelry components…my inner Magpie is getting all twitchy right now.








Well hey what do you know: I DID make this! I love green for Spring, but this particular green is not a shade I can pull off a large quantity of. It definitely doesn’t help that by the time I emerge from my house after monsoon season, I look like a vampire, and not the sparkly kind. Vitamin D capsules. They save lives. Anyway, I love this necklace, it’s made from mixed gemstones that I found at me favorite bead store, Shipwreck Beads, in Lacey WA. I highly suggest having a gander at their website. Just be warned: jewelry making is highly addictive and has been known to rip families apart. Consider this a disclaimer, and do not have your attorney contact me.


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