a horrible, awful, very bad week

I guess...?


Buenos dias, muchachos. Incidentally, when I typed “Muchachos”, my computer suggested I change it to “Muttonchops.” So: Buenos dias, muttonchops! But let’s get down to brass tacks: last week SUCKED. It was almost unbelievable. I know we all have our issues, so I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say that I called my parents to make sure my dog was still alive. My luck was that bad.









What else am I gonna do when I’m depressed than look at pictures of awesome vintage clothing? Retail therapy works. Especially when you don’t have to buy anything. It’s like window shopping, but I don’t have to change out of my sweats and get of the couch. Ahem. Too much information. What follows are a few of my favorite vintage shops from around the web.


The Vintage Misfits on Etsy.com! I love this store. It’s huge, filled with amazing statement pieces, and totally affordable. I’ve purchased several things, and the shop owner is very pleasant to work with. Bonus: good quality photographs. I hate looking at stuff schlepped onto a coffee table like a body bag at a crime scene. She also color-coordinates her items, which definitely appeals to the Adrian Monk in me.

How could you not want this?

Green Dragon Lady (also on Etsy): Lovely shop, a bit more expensive, but it has some great clothes. The curator describes her shop: “I find that the sensibilities of those who are good at making things by hand are often similar to those who like vintage. I applaud the efforts of those who craft by hand (and, actually, I am a contemporary art curator who has curated exhibitions focusing on lace and other handcrafts and who has organized an exhibition about garments, labor, and politics). So, I think a lot about those who are contributing to this site and am honored to, in a small way, be a part of that group.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.




Lil’ Gypsy in Salem..or on eBay..or on Facebook: Jewelry…JEWELRYJEWELRYJEWELRY. I am a magpie. It’s true. This place is packed with shiny and sparkly. I like.



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