wishlist wednesday: highway child

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears!  Actually don’t, you need them, and I think ears are kinda gross. What was I saying..RIGHT. We’re halfway through the work(school)week, which means it’s time for some fashion inspiration.

Y’all might’ve guessed by now that I am what is possibly the world’s strangest combination of hippie flower child and 80’s rocker, (sartorially speaking), and if you ain’t, well, now you know. It comes as no surprise, then, that when I saw the new Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movie, I FLIPPED OUT over Madame Simza  (Noomi Rapace, who played Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish “dragon tattoo” movies)’s wardrobe. (Hey, she’s also Swedish, so..WINNING. Great minds think alike.) I seriously wanted everything she wore. That is not normal for me. I usually go to movies to make fun of what people wear. BUT: Sim is an exception.

So making this

First order of business: Skirts! I used to be the girliest girl ever, bros. I got teased in high school for wearing skirts every day. The first time my classmates saw me in shorts, they about fainted. (Yea, I have ghostlegs, but that’s beside the point.) However, I have been going through a serious tomboy phase lately. It has been ALL Dr. Martens and jeans and corduroy jackets up in this shizz for quite some time. But when I saw the outfits in this movie, I changed my mind. I’m making some, STAT. You totally can be a badass without wearing jeans.

Starfish arms are not essential

Next up: JEWELRY. Obvi, I’m a jewelry girl. I design it, for pete’s sake. If I didn’t wear it I’d be like a carpet salesman who lived in a house with hardwood floors. (They exist, I’m sure.) I haven’t been making much bling lately, probably because I have to jobs and a full-time school schedule (I know, WAAAAH-WAHHHH), imma be designing more now, though. I wonder how many necklaces I can get away with wearing at one time?! Two? Four? Six? Eight? (Who do we appreciate? HA!)

What the heck is on her belt?

On deck: Hats: I love hats. Have ever since I was a kid. My friends call me a hipster for wearing knit beanies, but I have also been known to rock a fedora or a newsboy cap. Never really thought about the wide-brimmed topper that Sim wears though. (Does anyone have any idea what this style is called?) Also, if any of y’all are ever in the Portland area, you should stop by Goorin Brothers Hat Shop on NW 23rd. (They also have locations in other cities, and a website, which is well worth a look.)

"I'm cooler than you, but we can still be friends."

Last but not least: HAIR! Can I just say it’s nice to see a chick with crazy hair that isn’t tortured-peroxide blonde? I have huge curly hair, and I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t have perfect Disney princess extensions. (If they are extensions, they’re good ones.) Also, she’s got all sorts of cool junk braided into it. Kind of like a wearable scrapbook. It’s like putting stickers on your suitcase, but cooler.



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