mirror, mirror, on the wall

‘sup Dudes? It’s Thursday, and I am crazy ready for the weekend. I get to see my family and a city that doesn’t still have one-horse carriages rumbling down Main Street. (Ok, I’m kidding, it’s not nearly that cute. More like pickup trucks the size Tokyo rumbling down Main Street.) My point: I am in dire need of CIVILIZATION.

Be that as it may, we have something to discuss. Not a lot of subjects make me get up on my soapbox (I lied! I practically live there! It’s comfy and it smells nice!) What I have to tell you today is something that is very important to me: namely, women are too hard on themselves. I am. You are. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be excellent at everything you do, but what about when it goes too far?

"Hey there sexy, you ain't changed a bit!"

One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of guys is that they have a ridiculous amount of self-confidence. It doesn’t matter if they’re pudgy, balding, or making questionable style choices, they look at their pajama-pant-wearing selves in the mirror and see Brad Pitt in a tuxedo. Girls, on the other hand, are more likely to look at themselves in the mirror and pick out all of their flaws. It’s not like I’m saying that being conceited is a good thing, (or that all guys are overly confident), but I think we can borrow something from the boys here. Spend a little less time focusing on your “flaws” and a little more time on what you like. (Everyone has something. Don’t tell me you don’t.)

Hating your body/appearance has become so accepted today that when a woman has the guts to say she is happy with hers, she is labeled as arrogant. This is so ridiculous! I don’t look like a Vogue covergirl. I never have, and I never will. But you know what? I’m okay with that. I look like a normal, happy, healthy woman. I don’t want to look like an airbrushed, digitally created fembot. I want to look like myself, and I do. After all, the girls in magazines don’t even look that way. They’re photoshoppped. Never apologize for being confident in yourself. It takes all styles/types to make a world, and mainstream fashion magazines cater to your insecurities to make you feel worse. It’s how they sell products. Stop believing the lies. If we were all happier with the people we are, they wouldn’t have a market.

I hate it when we fight

It also saddens me to see women attacking each others’ body types. The debate about “plus-sized” fashion models has been raging for some time now, and having read some of the comments posted on articles, I have to say that the amount of cruelty displayed is discouraging. Plus-sized models are still thinner than the average woman. They are not fat. The fact that many of those that commented thusly on the article I read were male also pisses me off. Who are you to judge? The reverse is also true: curvy women insulting thinner women and calling them “sticks” or “twigs” isn’t okay. It’s hard enough already to be a woman in this society. Cut. It. Out. Play nice, or so help me, I will turn this car around!

Get happy

Being healthy is so much more than whatever number you see on the scale, what the number on the tag of your jeans is, or how you look in a swimsuit. Eat healthy, exercise, and try not to stress as much. Sleep. Drink your water. (This is as much for me as for anyone reading this.) Stop obsessing over the fact that you don’t look like the glamazons walking down the runway. You are more then the sum of your parts. You are a unique creation, no-one else is exactly like you, and it’s about time you got excited about that. The madness stops with you.


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