chalk it up to..

Am I the only one who kinda misses this?

Good day, all! It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Oregon, and even though I am currently in the midst on midterms, I’m finding it hard to be depressed. My good pal and roommate recently had the brilliant idea of covering the tops of our beat-up coffee tables with chalkboard paint. I took ’em home this weekend and made ’em pretty, and now I’m gonna tell you how.

Cheap, durable, and cute. Ah, Sweden...wait, what?

Firstly, you shall need a table. I used the LACK series coffee tables from Ikea, because they’re what I had..and they’re only like 8 bucks each. The awesome thing about this project is that you can use any old table you’ll look cool no matter what. Keep in mind that if you use one with a glossy finish, you’ll need to sand it first, I used a 200-grit sandpaper for mine. If you have a hand sander this will be faster, but elbow grease works just fine.

After your table is prepped, (sanded, wiped down with a damp cloth, and dried completely), tape off any areas you don’t want painted, (I only painted the tabletops, not the legs), and cover your work area with paper. (If you can, work outside. Chalkboard paint is stinky, and I don’t want you passing out from fumes.) Brush/spray your paint on the table. You might have to apply several coats, it depends on how thick the paint is. I had to do about three.

$4.50 a bottle..can't beat that

Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours. After it dries, rub the entire painted surface with a side of chalk and wipe it clean. Use soft chalk or the surface will get scratched and chipped a lot faster. Felt erasers are best for cleaning, but rags work as well. Anything that’s not abrasive will work, and don’t use soap/water.

Enjoy! You can now write on your furniture, just like your mama told ya not to when you were little. Childhood dreams are being restored as we speak. These are also perfect for writing passive aggressive loving and encouraging notes to your housemates. Ciao!


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