the finished product(s)

Yea, pretty much

Hello world! I’m happy to say I survived midterms (barely), and actually managed to get a full night’s sleep TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW. It’s amazing what something so simple can do. Y’all remember that post i did a while back about DIY art for my boring, snow-white-walled apartment? Of course you. WELL. I did it. (Actually, my roommate, my mom, and I did.) As my friends are fond of saying, “Pictures, or it didn’t happen.


Paint/collage by my mum! Put a bird on it! This lady gets it, man. Love it. The colors are awesome to, this DIY thing must be hereditary, no? She painted a canvas, stamped/painted the designs, then cut the leaves out of tissue paper and decoupaged the whole shebang. All I did was stick a nail in the wall and hang the sucker up. I could get used to this.

It's an explosion of YES

My supercool roomie made this one. Once again, the combination of paint, canvas, paper and decoupage didn’t fail. Looks lovely, cheery, and is a perfect reminder that Spring is coming (someday. It has to, right?)

Leaves...just what Oregon needs more of

I totes made this, bros. Guess how? OH RIGHT THE SAME AS THE FIRST TWO. This isn’t a decoupaged-themed post, I swear. I used fancy scrapbook paper that I found in an art store in Salem, OR. I plan on trying the melted-crayon art technique first. I shall need spare time..yea, that ain’t gonna happen.


You mean there isn't a Rubix cube and a ceramic mushroom on YOUR coffee table?

I wrote about how to make a chalkboard table earlier this week, and here’s a shot of mine. it was super easy and cheap to make. Much giddy scribbling has occurred since I coated our scuffed-up tables with slate paint. it’s pretty cool…kinda like kindergarten,   but without annoying kids stealing the toys you wanna play with.


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