enter the smurfmobile


Greetings! Hope everyone is having an acceptable Monday (if there is such a thing.) I know this blog is aimed primarily at the kind of DIY you put on your body, but what about talking about the kind of DIY you use to MOVE your body? I’m not talkin’ dance tunes, son. This is a post about…my car. Yes. This is a car post. If you have a problem with that, I apologize (but not really.) This thing is still a work in progress, but we’ve (and by we, I mean mostly my dad and his friends), have worked hard and made a lot of improvements.



The starting point was my silver 1988 Volvo 240 DL. I love this car. It makes funny noises and has tantrums sometimes, but it runs like a champ, is built like a tank, and is perfect for what I need, (a reliable, safe commuter with good mileage.) However, the paint job was crap from the beginning. The paint was peeling, chipping, bubbling…you know, pretty much EVERYTHING paint isn’t supposed to do. I spent the summer (with help!) sanding off the nasty layers of what looked like a skin disease.

Hire me. I'm TOTALLY qualified

With the old paint sanded off


I must say I felt like a total badass working on a car all summer  (friend asks what you’re doing over the weekend: “Oh, I’m gonna work on my car. You know. No big deal.” CRED. Mad cred.) However, it definitely got old..I was ready to get it over with. After a lot of whining on my part, we finally put the primer on. My dad said he was going to use a colored primer to make it a bit more interesting..since I’m going to have to drive it for a while before we can shoot the final coat.

DAMN, Skippy!

Picture is unrelated: WHO parks that close to someone?!!!!!



This is the color. Wow. I was not expecting this. I was pretty overwhelmed at first, it’s SO bright..a shade dubbed “Crackberry Blue” by numerous observers. It’s been a couple months since we did this, and I have to say it is really growing on me. So what if it’s mad ’80’s? So am I, bros. So am I. I don’t feel weird busting my Depeche Mode and running my fingers through my perm when I’m driving this baby. I’m actually thinking of keeping a version of this color on the top half (roof, etc.) More pictures will follow when I finish!


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