wishlist wednesday: whiteout

My girl-crushes

Hola mis amigos! It’s almost Spring, and I’m starting to fantasize about ditching the thick sweaters, tall boots, scarves, and coats. Visions of floaty tops, skirts, and maybe even a dress or two are dancing in my mind. Don’t get me wrong; sweaters are my LIFE, as any hipster worth their weight in PBR will tell you. However, this fog/moss/rust/frost/mold/mildew-infested period that is known as an Oregon Winter is starting to get to me. Here’s what’s on my Spring wishlist.

Don't know how I feel about the black trim

White Tux Jacket: The last three times I’ve jumped into my car and switched on the radio, The Cure has been playing..obviously that means I need to get one of these..don’t see the connection? Well, there are about a billion pictures of Robert Smith wearing one, but, of course, as soon as I starting trolling Google Images for one, THEY ALL DISAPPEARED. Figures. Anyway, it definitely fits with the whole 80’s new-wave-but-not-too-preppy-and-kinda-goth (how’s that for concise? HA.)  look I love.


White Oxfords: Don’t try to lecture me about the impracticality of white shoes in the Pacific Northwest. They’re so darn CUTE. Plus, can’t you see these with crazy socks and pegged jeans? (refer to the short and brilliant style description above.) No, I’m not planning on getting a mullet any time soon. SHUT IT.

Dress, yes. Shoes, lose.

Loving this white dress! You may have noticed the theme of this post by now..no, I’m not being sartorially rascist. I’ve been wearing a lot of black for…years. I’m ready to take a step in the opposite direction. Of course, since it is ME we’re talking about, I can’t deal with princessy-bride element of a white dress (even though the Princess Bride was an excellent film.) I’ll  be wearing a jacket, funky tights or major shoes if I try this one.

swag, son

White Dress Shirt: Probably one of, if not the most, versatile and classic items you can have in your closet. Perfect with anything from your favorite beat-up black jeans and boots to a tight pencil skirt and killer heels. Loose and a little rumpled, pressed and tucked in, belted, unbelted..I could go on. I’ve yet to find one that fits perfectly, but I plan on doing so. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “wishlist wednesday: whiteout

  1. Hey y’all…love the white tux and the white shoes!
    I can’t wear stuff like that for two reasons…1:I’d probably spill dinner down it!
    2: I’d look like I was selling ice cream!!

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