this book rocks: 70’s edition

I love these colors. Eff beige

Howdy dudes and dudettes! Hope your week is off to a rip-roarin’ start! Ok, enough of that. This post is to remind y’all that DIY isn’t a recent thing. Hippies were all about doing it yourself. This book is something I found in a thrift store at the coast. I loved the font/color scheme on the front, (mainly because the c’s look like pacman…LOVE MY ’80’S), so I had to take a closer look. I’m glad I did. You will be to.

...aren't all desks upright..?

This book is mainly about making bulletin boards (hence the title), and it does have some great ideas, but I mostly love it for the pictures. Take a look!

the multicultural board. kinda cool, and they have the Swedish flag on there so...points


straight off of

baby Bob Dylan

super rad retro block alphabet!


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