I love my birthday


Greetings acolytes! (Okay that’s taking it a little too far.) It was my birthday recently, (I was 21 on 02/12/2012. AWESOME), and I received a super cool present from a friend..I guess you could say I got some Dior for my birthday. But not what you’re thinking. They bought Christian Dior’s style guide, the ‘Little Dictionary of Fashion.’ It’s glamorously retro, sleekly designed, and stuffed with (often hilarious) fashion tips and hints, all presented in a dictionary format. (Ok, a pink dictionary, but I digress.)

Let's face it, I'm friggin fantabulous

Let’s start it off with the letter C..because we’re talking about MY birthday, and my name is Caet. Ha. Here’s a choice selection from this section: “Coats: This is the garment that has kept the original function of clothes-to keep you warm. In the Stone Age women loved to keep warm with furs-now the best materials for coats are those nearest to furs; this means wool and velvet.” Send me back to the Stone Age, baby, because two of favorite coats are comprised mainly of (faux) fur. They’re awesome and classy and warm..wool is not. Scratchfest. However, this was written like 50 years ago, and it’s DIOR. The man knows his stuff.

Screw you, darling

F! No, I’m not mad, I’m..oh never mind, that’s too lame to finish. Dior on Feathers: “Feathers are lovely on a bird and glamorous on a hat, but they must be used with great discrimination. They can look lovely, but they can also look ridiculous.” I agree with him here. Too many feathers make you look like the love child of Steven Tyler and Ke$ha. (Just the mental image is enough to inspire night terrors.)  However, why limit them to just hats? Jewelry, hair accessories, etc can all look great with feather elements. I feel like I’ve written about this before..hmm.

Walk like an Egyptian

S is for Shoes! (You can’t argue with that.) “You can never take too much care in selecting shoes. Too many women think that because they’re low down, they do not matter, but it by her feet that you can tell if I woman is elegant.” So. True. I have seen SO MANY OUTFITS ruined by the wrong (read: shabby) shoes. They matter, people. Take note, and by the way, make sure you can walk like a normal person. Stumping along like a dude is not attractive. (Unless you are a dude, in which case, I absolve thee.)

All that and a bag of chips

I admit I just like this picture..the chick looks so kicky. And the book ends with a great quote. “Zest: This is a happy word with which to end my dictionary of fashion. Anything you do, work or pleasure-you have to do it with zest. You have to live with zest-and that is the secret of beauty and fashion, to. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.”

Hope you enjoyed this blast from the past as much as I did!


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