wishlist wednesday: spring preening

Puppy! Just because

Afternoon, readers! Hope your week is going well. Mine was going fine, until I realized I have two exams Friday, and then the sink in my kitchen backed up..but enough about me. (Just kidding! Get ready for more!)  It’s going to be Spring soon, and that’s got me in the mood for some fun and completely impractical projects. I need fun clothes for the short period of time I will actually be seen outside of my apartment. Here are some ideas I have stumbled across (but not Upon. Ha) on the wild world of the internetz.

Yes please

Paint-splatter jeans! OK, some of you may hate these, but I think they’re pretty rad. One of the perks of looking like the love child of Ke$ha and Bret Micheals is that I can wear things like this and get away with it. (They’re aren’t a lot of perks. Let me enjoy what I can.) These are also wicked cheap to make. One pair of jeans from Goodwill + a few bottles of fabric paint + $0.45 worth of brushes = hours of good clean fun. (Well, not really, because I like to really get into my projects. There will be paint ERRYWHERE.)

C'mon, how fun would this be

Coloring-book frock! I have to admit this immediately brought out my inner three-year-old. I wasn’t allowed to draw on my clothes. For some reason, my mum didn’t appreciate me scribbling on the outfits she bought/made for me. LAME. Now I can! Once again, this is a low-cost project. Any geometric print will do, and fabric markers aren’t that spendy (unless you buy the fancy ones.)

Put a bird on it

Graffiti shoes. I once made a pair like these, back in high school. Unfortunately, they went the way of all flesh. I plan on making another pair, but instead of using a sneaker, I want to decorate an oxford-style shape. You can do this with fabric markers, or with fabric paint. If you use the paint I suggest a very fine-tipped bottle.applicator, or perhaps a paintbrush. If drawing isn’t your thing, stencils also work great. It all depends on what medium you’re most comfortable with. Getcha some flyyyyyy kicks, SON!

Vintage Levis=SWAG

Scalloped hem shorts/skirt. How cute are these? Not really a short-shorts girl, but this would equally adorable on a mini or even a circle skirt. It looks very easy to do, as well. For perfect scallops, I suggest tracing half a bottle cap or another round object, and making sure your scissors are quite sharp. This needs to be crisp to work. Happy crafting!


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