how to wear vintage

Heeeeeeey yooouuuuu guuuuuuuuys!  We’re halfway through the week, and today was payday. I guess you could say I’m having a rather okay day. I hope you are as well.

Through the years I have been wearing vintage clothes, I have certainly had my share of outlandish outfits (see what I did there?) Many people will look at my bright orange 1960’s trenchcoat and say things like “I love that, but I could never pull it off”, or glance at my slouchy 80’s pixie boots and lament “I just wouldn’t know what to wear with those.” All y’all are in luck. I’m here to educate you. Here are a few of my top tips for incorporating vintage into your daily wardrobe without looking like a nutcase..unless you WANT to look like a nutcase. No judgement.

1. When in doubt, ask an (honest) friend: vintage clothes are made with different proportions and materials than modern ones. This can sometimes make it very challenging to achieve a proper and flattering fit. PLEASE, don’t wear something just because it’s vintage. Make sure it fits your style and your body. If you just aren’t sure, ask a friend who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth. You’ll thank them eventually, I promise.

The many faces of the 60's..

2. If you’re new to this, pick ONE piece: it takes a lot of skill to mix vintage pieces from different eras without looking like a mess, and if you wear pieces from the same era, you can risk looking like you’re in costume. To avoid this, pick one great vintage item to build your outfit around. Try a gorgeous 60’s peacoat, or a totally rad 80’s skirt. Moderation. Too much IS too much.

3. Explore color: vintage clothes come in all sorts of colors that you just don’t see anymore. Some of them can be crazy-ugly, but there are some cool ones. Just experiment to see what colors flatter your complexion. As a green-eyed blonde, some of my favorites are shamrock green, cobalt, and coral.

4. Vintage pieces bring personality to basics: a great colorful sweater can make your favorite black pants and boots look fresh and exciting, and a unique and perfectly fitted skirt can breathe some life into something as simple as a jean jacket and a t-shirt. Accessories such as bags, jewelry, and scarves are all one-size-fits-all, and will provide accents without being overwhelming.

5. Don’t forget your attitude! Vintage requires MOXY. So decide right now that you’re gonna own the shit out of whatever you choose to wear!


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