Posted in March 2012

And I’m Out

Hey dudes! Finals loom on the horizon, and Spring break will follow soon after! I’m gonna be wicked busy for the next couple of weeks, so I will see y’all back here in April. Until then, enjoy these pictures of places I DON’T get to vacation in. Advertisements

Lasses With Glasses

“I’m too fabulous for this bloke, but I guess I’ll make the best of it” Second photo featuring specs..all y’all with only 2 eyes should be jealous.

1,000 Words

This is what I would have looked like in the ’60’s, just in case y’all were curious. Heck, I look kinda like this NOW. (Some days you could fit a smallish child in my hair.) I also gotta hand to a sister working the frames that hard. This is the part where someone shows up … Continue reading


Hey everybody! Hope your week is going well! I’m two weeks form the end of the term, and a week from starting my move to my new apartment. Busybusybusy….as you cam imagine. However, I’m still finding the time to blog. Wouldn’t want y’all to feel DEPRIVED. I’ve been thinking lately about American fashion, more specifically … Continue reading

Originally posted on Open Letters Love Amy:
Dear Kim Kardashian’s Leggings, It is not Kim who is brave; it is you. You are dragged out any number of mornings by Kim and made to be closer to her than any man ever has (which is obviously saying something). You spend the day with her. She…

color me happy(er)

  Hey what’s up guys? I’ve been getting REAL tired of Winter lately, and trying to combat the the late-season blues..hence the Cure gracing my blog banner. In an attempt to inspire myself to wear my color (in my defense, black IS ┬ácolor), I looked up some pics of bright clothes. Here are some of … Continue reading

happy friday to alla youse guys

Happy Friday! Hope you have a good weekend! I’m heading back home to see my family, and I’m rather glad I don’t have to drive this! The young lady that is looks pretty thrilled, though. I wonder what was considered a good driving song back then? PEACE!

tie one on

      First off, I have to apologize for the constant pun titles. I really can’t help it. It’s almost finals and I’m fairly sure I’ve lost me mind. That being said, I will now move on to a completely different topic. You know how when you were a kid and you never finished … Continue reading