Open Letters Love Amy

Dear Kim Kardashian’s Leggings,

It is not Kim who is brave; it is you. You are dragged out any number of mornings by Kim and made to be closer to her than any man ever has (which is obviously saying something). You spend the day with her. She likely sweats in you. Fingers crossed that her period doesn’t start while you’re on (gross I know, but someone had to acknowledge just how perilous your working conditions are).

Yes, there are perks. You get to travel and see the world. But it’s not really a vacation – you’re working overtime. You get to meet lots of other famous people, go to Laker games, tapings of Dancing With the Stars, and photo shoots galore. You are truly living the glamorous life.

But then there are those days that sweet Kim is fighting with a former bestie, arguing with her mother, or listening to…

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