color me happy(er)


Hey what’s up guys? I’ve been getting REAL tired of Winter lately, and trying to combat the the late-season blues..hence the Cure gracing my blog banner. In an attempt to inspire myself to wear my color (in my defense, black IS  color), I looked up some pics of bright clothes. Here are some of the best I found. I will wear them soon…maybe. I’m not wearing grey and black tomorrow..what?





Orange! A lot of people seem to be afraid of this color. I am, and I have a legit reason. My high school’s color was orange…and I hated my high school. But I digress.



Cobalt. Okay, this is an obsession of mine, and I know I’ve discussed it before, I know. But you know what they say, anything worth saying once is worth..oh never mind.


Coral. So bright, cheerful, like pink, but without the sissy-ness. No poufy princesses here, bro.


Shamrock Green: Hey, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, I suggest getting an early start in the pinch-prevention department. But in all seriousness, I love this color, and with green eyes, it works out pretty well.

Teal. This is pretty much my favorite color, and has been forevs. Totally ’80’s, I’m not gonna apologize. I don’t have to justify my love.


Coming soon: a handy guide to incorporating these bright and beautiful items into your everyday style.


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