Hey everybody! Hope your week is going well! I’m two weeks form the end of the term, and a week from starting my move to my new apartment. Busybusybusy….as you cam imagine. However, I’m still finding the time to blog. Wouldn’t want y’all to feel DEPRIVED. I’ve been thinking lately about American fashion, more specifically the lack of it. Don’t get me wrong, there are some American designers that I absolutely love. I’ve just noticed that people here, (and I’m sure Oregon is probably not the best place to base this statement in), tend not to dress “up” as much. Super-casual is the name of the game. (Unless you go somewhere like NYC.) Most of my style inspiration comes from fashion websites/mags that are from other parts of the world. Disclaimer: if casual is your thing, that’s fine. Please don’t send me hatemail. I’m in an emotionally fragile (read: STRESSED) state.

First up: marieclaire.fr! I love this magazine, and although the American version is good, I like the French version better. The way they combine colors, outfits, and accessories is very inspiring, as are the myriad beautiful DIY projects featured in the home decor magazine. The magazine itself is beautiful to look at, but, unfortunately, I cannot speak (or read) French. Hence, I must read their website and translate it (THANK YOU Google Chrome!) Warning: when you translate a page in another language into English, don’t expect it to translate literally and perfectly into English…because it won’t happen. Don’t freak out.

Next, please: japanesestreets.com: FASHION JAPAN: I have definitely talked about this blog before, and I will again! This place is an endless resource of outfit ideas. As someone who usually dresses crazier than the average college student, seeing pics of people going all-out with their looks makes me happy. Every picture has a color swatch next to it for additional inspiration. Genius.

I love these people

Another! vogue.it: If anybody watched Top Model All-Stars, (GUILTY), you know that the winner got to have a blog featured on Vogue Italia’s website. I tried to find that blog, but I got distracted by how FRIGGIN’ AWESOME the fashion on this site really is. Holy. Crap. I love it. Shoes, hair. make-up, and clotheclothesclothes. They also make an effort to include models of different ethnicity and body types, which is something all of us can appreciate.

What about you guys? What are your favorite sources for fashion ideas? Did I miss any? Want to see your favorite represented? Have at it in the comments!


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