A day of meh frosted with meh and infused with essence of meh

Good afternoon Seampunks! As you can tell by slightly (Ha!) apathetic post title, I pretty much feel like crawling back into bed and sleeping for a week or so..but alas, that is not to be. I gotta get up and be productive. (You’d think I was an ADULT or something. WEIRD.)



I’m moving into a new apartment soon, so of course I’ve been ODing on home dec magazines lately..don’t judge. You would to. It’s not like I’m going to have any money to spend on stuff like that once I pay my rent, but c’mon. Let a sister dream. Here are some pretty neat pictures I have found.

Paper petal pendant lamps! (Say THAT 10 times fast.) IWANTIWANTIWANT. Head over to casasugar.com for some more bitchin’ ideas.




Colorable wallpaper: image courtesy of switchedonset.com. a design and tech blog that is well worth a look. Imagine how fun this would be! It reminds me of the flavored walls in Willy Wonka for some reason.



Magazine wreath! This is made completely of recycled magazines and wire. Roll the pages into tubes and wire them together in a circular design. Fun + Cheap + Eco = DONE. Picture found at recycledcrafts.craftgossip.com.



Picture frame clock. Love this idea, not so much the colors. I’m not really a pink girl. However, love the concept, and I might have to try it. Found this at thefoundary.com.




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