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Hey everyone! I know I haven’t been posting much lately, and I hope to have more time for projects soon. I have been inhumanely busy these last two weeks, and I don’t see things changing much for a while..and so it goes. I GUESS. I hope y’all are doing well, keep your heads up! I … Continue reading

Extreme DIY

You know all those pictures of high-schoolers who make their prom dresses and tuxes out of duct tape? Ever wondered what would happen if that trend went couture? Check out this crazy-awesome masking tape formal dress. At first, it’s really hard to believe that all those microscopic, perfectly architectural pleats are TAPE. However, if you … Continue reading

Wishlist Wednesday: Amazing Technicolor Dreamhair

Hola dudes and dudettes! I just finished reading a story for my history class that was basically the most depressing thing I’ve ever was about  iron workers during the Industrial Revolution. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have to learn about, please don’t read this and think I’m an idiot. But it was literally SO … Continue reading

That’s Very Pinteresting II

Hello everyone! It’s Monday..enough about that. Think about the weekend. Visualize the weekend. This is what I’m (already) telling myself..I don’t have to work, so I’m headed back home to see my family! Yay! As most of you have probably discovered, I am addicted to Pinterest. I know this is a pretty common I … Continue reading

Um, Fridays Are NEVER Unlucky, DUH.

Greetings! It’s Friday, and it’s also the 13th. BUT I DON’T CARE. It’s sunny and I have one class and no work today. Despite the fact that I spilled coffee all over my favorite shirt for no apparent reason, I refuse to check over my shoulder for people in hockey masks. Superstition ain’t the way, … Continue reading

Keep Your Tiskets AND Taskets

Hey Errybody! I would like to remind you that the weekend is only a scant DAY (…andahalf) away. Too bad I’m working Saturday AND Sunday. Le sigh. Anyway, since this is my blog and I am therefore supreme dictator of it, I am going to engage in a little shameless bragging. Ya know how when … Continue reading

Originally posted on The Modern Minion:
For some reason this post didn’t want to cooperate this afternoon (technical issues). I was pretty smitten with it myself, so I wanted to share it again. If you already saw it earlier, let it’s awesomeness sweep over you one more time. It’s amazing how easily $3 Target shoelaces tackle a…

Wishlist Wednesday: SHOOOOOOOOOOES!

Buenos Dias, dudes and dudettes! Hope your Wednesday had been a dandy one so far. It’s (surprise) raining here…I’m considering running away to uh..California or something. There’s a train that runs right through town, it would not be difficult. One of my hobbies when it’s damp and dreary outside is to look at pictures of … Continue reading

Holy Crap Those Pants Are BRIGHT

More Pinterest lost in translation projects! This one actually turned out ok, surprisingly. The only problem is that these kinda look like girly fireman pants…I guess there isn’t a problem. AHEM.         1. The Bait. Love everything about these, kicky pose included.     2. My version, in-progress. GREEEEEEEEN.     3. … Continue reading