Wishlist Wednesday: Spring

Despite the fact that it has been pelting rain for months, rivers/creeks/lakes/tributaries/bathtubs/my car are flooded or flooding, and the sky remains a determined slate gray, I insist on believing Spring will eventually arrive. To demonstrate my devotion to this belief, I am bravely venturing into the world of clothing this weekend. Here are some things I would love to find.








Blazers are pretty much the best. The canary color on the left is great, and the idea of styling something as business-conservative as a blazer with a slacker staple like a denim shirt is great as well.





Sweet fancy neon! I don’t have the deep dark lovely skin tone required to rock a neon shirt/dress, but I’m feelin’ good about a skirt or shoes. Hello 80’s.







I love everything in this photo. I know it’s menswear, but the shoes..the bag..the glasses. WANT.










WELL. If you’re not a neon person, Louis has your back, because us..erm..THE goth kids need new frocks to.







These are the kinds of comfy, easy separates that I could see myself throwing on on any given weekday morning. Love the sweater and bag on the far right and the minty fresh dress in the middle.

What’s on your wishlist for this season?


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