Learn From My Fail, Pt. I

You know that moment when you see a totally bitchin’ project on pinterest, and you think to yourself, “I could so make that happen”, but you really SHOULD leave it alone?! WELL. It happened. Since I know that happens to a lot of us, here are the gory (and glittery) details.

1. The bait. This is the picture I saw. Shiny. Cute. Tempting, and decpetively simple. It was a trap, and I fell right in.

2. The materials. I bought all this ish to make them. 20 bucks I ain’t gettin’ back, son.

3. Step 1: mix glitter and mod podge, spread on sneakers. Pretty easy, really. This part was okay.

4. Step 2: decorate toes with rhinestones…AFTER ALLOWING GLITTER TO DRY. Sigh. The tutorial will NOT prepare you for the unutterable boredom that is hand-gluing 150 EFFIN RHINESTONES on a pair of Keds.




5. Allow to dry, then spray with clear sealer. This is when tragedy struck. I accidentally bought “matte” finish sealer, and when I sprayed it, it congealed into heartbreakingly opaque blothches. Dorothy Gale ain’t getting back to Kansas in these, and I was ready to punch a wall. No joke. I spent like a whole weekend on these.

First world problems? Maybs. Admit defeat? NEVER. Stay tuned for LFMF part the second, in which I make a second pair of thrift-store sneakers my bitch. (Who am I kidding? It’ll be the other way around. AGAIN. WHY? WHY?!!! Goodbye, cruel world.)


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