Holy Crap Those Pants Are BRIGHT

More Pinterest lost in translation projects! This one actually turned out ok, surprisingly. The only problem is that these kinda look like girly fireman pants…I guess there isn’t a problem.






1. The Bait. Love everything about these, kicky pose included.



2. My version, in-progress. GREEEEEEEEN.



3. Tape off the line, and measure everything 450 times, or you’ll get janky lines. I had a problem with that. (Btw, “Janky Lines” is a dance style I made up, and also the name of my next album. RESPECT.) Brush the fabric paint on the pants with a sponge brush, it works better than a paintbrush for getting a nice smooth finish.



4. Let them dry for quite some time.


5. Go direct traffic with your legs. Or stop it. It’s up to you. (I haven’t worked up the nerve to wear these yet.)


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