Wishlist Wednesday: SHOOOOOOOOOOES!

Buenos Dias, dudes and dudettes! Hope your Wednesday had been a dandy one so far. It’s (surprise) raining here…I’m considering running away to uh..California or something. There’s a train that runs right through town, it would not be difficult.

One of my hobbies when it’s damp and dreary outside is to look at pictures of shoes I can never own. Not only are they too expensive, I am 100 percent sure that if I tried to walk in ’em, I’d trip and fall and break my back’n’neck’n’spine’n’legs. SEE FOR YOURSELF.

scarves on your head/neck/knees are so mainstream. wrap them around your ankles instead. these do make your feet look like picnic baskets, though, which is a bit..off (D&G)


Kinda cool, but also oddly reminiscent of the douchey guy that hands you your pizza at that sketch place your friend loves (YSL)


if you fell in these puppies, you'd probably never get up. They could be useful for stabbing said douche if he gets frisky, however (Christian Louboutin)

these remind me of nothing more than a redneck biker chick who got rich and doesn't know how to deal with it. and I might be okay with that (Balmain)



2 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday: SHOOOOOOOOOOES!

  1. Oh God! The only perfect relationship we can have is with shoes!! And that ‘perfect doesn’t exist’ doesn’t apply in this case 🙂

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