Keep Your Tiskets AND Taskets

Hey Errybody! I would like to remind you that the weekend is only a scant DAY (…andahalf) away. Too bad I’m working Saturday AND Sunday. Le sigh.

Anyway, since this is my blog and I am therefore supreme dictator of it, I am going to engage in a little shameless bragging. Ya know how when you were a kid, you’d get Easter baskets filled with chocolate (crappy chocolate, but you were 5. Get over it), marshmellow peeps, and, most importantly, that majestic bunny? (That is, assuming you celebrated hate mail, PLEASE.) Remember how the basket was always some heeeeeedeous pastel color, and made out of potentially¬†carcinogenic¬†plastic? Those were the days.


This is what my Easter basket this year looked like. And, yea, it’s vintage..and those bitchin’ little ceramic mushrooms were included.



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