Wishlist Wednesday: Amazing Technicolor Dreamhair

Hola dudes and dudettes! I just finished reading a story for my history class that was basically the most depressing thing I’ve ever read..it was about  iron workers during the Industrial Revolution. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have to learn about, please don’t read this and think I’m an idiot. But it was literally SO sad that I now have a headache. I wanted curl up under my desk and bawl.

It goes without saying that I need something to cheer me up after THAT…How about a conversation regarding the hair chalking trend everyone has been trying lately? (If you have whiplash after that transition, I apologize.)

Apparently all you need to accomplish this is a set of chalk pastels (not oil pastels) and some time. I turned to my good pal Pinterest to find some ideas.

Love the blue!

I really want to try this. Me and some of my friends are going to a Vegas-themed dance next weekend (classy, I know), and it seems the perfect time to debut Ke$ha-crazy strands. I plan on making my own (honest, down to earth) tutorial if I do so. Now…to find some chalk pastels.


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