Posted in May 2012

On The Cuff

Hello all! It’s Friday and therefore time for puns. (Well, every day is punday for me. I had to explain the title of the post. Sorry.)  Recently I stumbled across the coolest pair of earrings I have ever seen (well that may be an overstatement, but they’re AWESOME. Observe.) I am attempting this on my … Continue reading

MOMA On Your Nails II: Jackson Pollock

Hey guess what? It’s Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday, Friday…and I work through Sunday. And Memorial Day. Bummer, right? I know y’all feel me pain. (ACTUALLY YOU DON’T YOU GOING TO DO FUN THINGS WITH YOUR 4 DAY WEEKEND.) At least I have a fabulous manicure…inspired by Jackson Pollock, no less.  I used a nail-stamping system … Continue reading

MOMA On Your Nails

Hey everyone. I’m sure y’all have seen the “galaxy nails” manicure pictures floating around lately..(almost a pun..not quite.) I decided to try it. It didn’t really turn out like the pictures (surprise), but it gave a better idea. Because I’m awesome. And I think. And when I think, I get ideas. GREAT ONES. Glad we … Continue reading

Just A No-Good Loafer

Greetings, dudes and debutantes! Hope your day is going well, despite the fact it is, again, Monday. My weekend was pretty awesome, the weather has been amazing. Took me mum to the beach yesterday and it was actually sunny! (And if you know anything about the Oregon Coast, that is nothing short of a miracle.) … Continue reading

AAAAUUUUUUGH! (AKA 1st World Problems)

HEY! Guess what? I’m having a horrible week. Like Charlie-Brown-tripping-when-Lucy-pulls-the-football-out bad. Flat on my face. You get it. *DISCLAIMER* Whiny woman ahead. If this bothers you, KEEP MOVIN’, BUB. Let me walk you through some events: 1. This kid I work with called my personal style bizarre. IT AIN’T BIZARRE, IT’S UNIQUE. is a … Continue reading

Art Nouveau

I’ve always loved posters like these, but they’re pretty expensive. Consider yourselves invited to join me in living vicariously through these:)