AAAAUUUUUUGH! (AKA 1st World Problems)

HEY! Guess what? I’m having a horrible week. Like Charlie-Brown-tripping-when-Lucy-pulls-the-football-out bad. Flat on my face. You get it.

*DISCLAIMER* Whiny woman ahead. If this bothers you, KEEP MOVIN’, BUB.

Let me walk you through some events:


1. This kid I work with called my personal style bizarre. IT AIN’T BIZARRE, IT’S UNIQUE. is a bit bizarre at times, but that’s only okay for me to say. He quickly added “but your outfits look good”, but it was an obvious save. STICK A FORK IN IT, SONNY JIM. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOUR CRAP. You would think he’d be smarter than messin’ wit the chick in the blue snakeskin shoes and the ring the size of a pingpong ball, but I digress.



2. My hair is completely unmanageable. It has its own gravitational field, you guys. This ish is ridic. I can’t do anything to, for, or with it. It miiiiight be possessed..know anyone who does hair exorcisms? Call me. I think there’s a hobo living in it, and I’m scared. He gets drunk and keeps me up all night. Wait..that’s my crazy neighbors. Nevermind. I am serious about the demon hair though.



3. It’s sunny and nice, and I all I have are Oregon clothes (read: sweaters. Boots. Sweats. Jeans. Wool socks. Shall I continue?) I have like one outfit for sunny days, and I only have so many sick days, so….Just kidding, I’m not this idiotic. I love sun. DO YOU HEAR THAT SUN? I EFFIN’ LOVE YOU. NEVER CHANGE. Despite the fact that you bring out the worst in my fellow Oregonians..and by worst I mean more pasty, flabby, erm..”real estate” than you’d ever want to see.


4.  My classes have been highly unpleasant as of late. Testpapertestprojectpaperteacheryellingatme end quote. I’m so burnt out it’s not even funny, and I’m taking Summer classes. I wish you could inject yourself with liquid motivation. (I’m not serious about that, so stop trying to “set me up.” I mean it. Kind of.) My Profs are tried to, as is evidenced by their asinine attitudes. Sigh. Everyone just needs to chillax. ON PAIN OF DEATH. Ahem. Where was I?




This is literally what I look like right now..the one on the right

5. IT’S ONLY WEDNESDAY. The rest of the week is looming on the horizon, despite the fact that I get to go to the beach on Sunday with me family. Itsa rain. I know it. Call me Eyore, but it is. Let’s face it, this is the Pacific NW. Grey skies, grey water, grey people, grey..ran out of words. I believe my point has been made. Basically, the rest of this gawdawful week can kiss my big, round, white dumperdeck, because I’m DONE. By reading this, you’re laughing your ass off (hopefully), I feel better, (maybs), so it’s totally a win-win.





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