Just A No-Good Loafer

Greetings, dudes and debutantes! Hope your day is going well, despite the fact it is, again, Monday. My weekend was pretty awesome, the weather has been amazing. Took me mum to the beach yesterday and it was actually sunny! (And if you know anything about the Oregon Coast, that is nothing short of a miracle.)
But let’s get down to bidness.
I love high heels. You probably have all guessed this by now. It’s pretty much the girliest thing about me, and I’m proud of the fact I can walk in shoes that would kill many people.
Because I’m, you know, human (at least that’s what I claim), my lil feetsies hurt like mofos after a long day skittering around campus in 6-inch stilettos. My knees hurt. My face hurts from falling…just kidding. (Kinda.) My point: flats are looking better and better..as is the thought of still being able to walk when I’m 60.

So very rocker and Tim Burton..

Y’all know I love a spiked shoe..and vintage. So basically: MINE

Oh lordy..how to choose?!

Leopard-print wingtips? HECK YEA


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