MOMA On Your Nails

Hey everyone. I’m sure y’all have seen the “galaxy nails” manicure pictures floating around lately..(almost a pun..not quite.) I decided to try it. It didn’t really turn out like the pictures (surprise), but it gave a better idea. Because I’m awesome. And I think. And when I think, I get ideas. GREAT ONES.

Glad we got that out of the way.




My idea: since my galaxy mani turned out looking like Monet’s paintings, why not do some manicure designs based on famous works of art? (If someone has already done this, which I am almost sure they have, don’t tell me. I like to labor under the delusion that I’m unique, just like everyone else.

Here’s how to get the picture in your hands..or on your hands, I suppose. (Question: if it’s inspired by Monet, does that make it a French Manicure? HAHAHA I’LL BE HERE ALL WEEK FOLKS, REMEMBER TO TIP YOUR WAITSTAFF!)


1. Tools ‘o the Trade: foundation sponges, nail polish, top coat, nail polish remover, q-tips. The polish colors I used are, in order from left to right, Sally Hansen insta-dry in “Lickety-Split Lime”, NYC in French White Tip (Ha!), LA Color Art Deco in Sky Blue, Orly in Gumdrop, LA Girl Metal (no name, but it’s a dark teal), and Pure Ice in Strapless. A piece of cardboard or thick paper for a palette.

2. Paint a solid layer of your darkest color. I used two coats of the dark teal. Pour a small amount of French White, Lickety-Split, and Gumdrop on your palette, and rip up some sponges into small chunks. (don’t cut ’em, ripping make the edges of the patterns softer.)

3. Sponge on a light layer of Lickety-Split, in a line across one side of the nail. Use a SMALL amount, you don’t want it opaque. Do the same with Gumdrop, the dot white lightly on top. Paint some small dots with Sky Blue. Let dry. After it dries, paint a layer of Strapless. Let it dry and apply topcoat. Clean up the edges with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.

4. Put on a badass ring and make everyone jealous.



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