Summer Snuck Up On Me

Hey y’all! I’ve been gone for a long time, but that’s because of finals, and also the fact that I have acquired a totally exhausting, 40 hour per week summer job. I can hear Donna Summer now…”She works haaard for the money…so haard for it hon-aay..” But I digress.

I still have time to obsess over fashion, though. It doesn’t help that I have to spend 8 hours a day in white painter pants…not as hot as it sounds, trust me. (Unless you have a Clockwork Orange thing, in which case..I suggest counseling.)

Case in point:
GET IN MY CLOSET. Too bad they cost more than a year’s tuition.

HELLO GORGEOUS! I will find a konckoff of these if it kills me…and if it doesn’t, walking in them will. WIn-win. Wait.

These are like my favorite childhood sandals. I mean, except for the 6 inch heel. I definitely didn’t have those in 1995. I wouldn’t complain if I woke up and these were sitting in my shoerack.

Have a great weekend!


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