Dip-Dye For Dipsh*ts

Hey Everyone, I’m still alive! Glad to hear it? You should be. I am.
I work full-time for the rest of the summer, (yay adulthood), which leaves little time for things like…A LIFE. (I’m taking summer classes to. Success.)
You know me.
I’m savin’ up projects. And I just stumbled upon a motherlode.
Check it.
You’ve heard of Rit fabric dye, yes? The powdery scary stuff you can buy in the grocery store? (Not THAT powdery scary stuff. Calm down.)
Check out their website at ritdye.com, they have great tutorials and projects. I’m going to try the Lemon-Lime skinny jeans some day in the near future.

these are happening. sans “yummy”


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