Posted in October 2012

The Good Old (TERRIFYING) Days

Hey y’all! For those of you who live under rocks, (no judgement), it’s HALLOWEEN IN 2 DAYS! I’m excited, can you tell? It’s the first Halloween where I haven’t had to work in about three years. (You’d think I was 40 years old. Nope. Just driven..) I’m going a sugar skull girl, complete with huge … Continue reading

On The Market For A New Headsuit

Hey y’all. It’s Monday!! (At least here it is) I know you need reminding. As many of you who read this blog regularly probably know, I have fought a life-long battle with my hair. It’s that I have BAD hair, but it’s…stubborn. Very stubborn. It’s been short, long, highlighted, permed, straightened, layered, razored, streaked, extended, … Continue reading

Coat Check

Afternoon, ladies and gents. Hope you’re all surviving the work (or school) week! I’m up to my jewel-studded earlobes in Supreme Court casebriefs, essays, and articles. (Just kidding, I can’t afford jewels to stud anything. I can afford stick-on ones from the craft store. The rest is true, though.) It’s finally starting to get cooler … Continue reading

Just Because

Hey y’all, it’s Wednesday and I’m depressed. Well, not depressed, but maybe a little down. Why? Because I have 500,000,000,000 (phew, finger cramp from hitting the zero key) lbs of homework PILED ON ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This is the 15 credits from hell. I don’t even. In the hope that your midweek is … Continue reading

Nobody’s Perfect, And Neither Am I

Ever since I can remember, I have been an over-achiever. In fact, I was even before I was born. I wasn’t able to wait a full nine months, and came into the world a full two weeks before my due date. (Sorry, Mom.) This commitment to achievement stayed with me through all of grade school … Continue reading

It’s Time To MOVE ON

Hey y’all! Hope your Monday isn’t too terrible..just remember. it can’t last forever. (That’s the most encouragement I can offer at this point. Sorry.) I’ve been reading a lot of stories about ‘body acceptance’ and ‘body equality’ or whatever you would like to call it lately. I think these articles are a good thing, as … Continue reading