It’s Time To MOVE ON

Hey y’all! Hope your Monday isn’t too terrible..just remember. it can’t last forever. (That’s the most encouragement I can offer at this point. Sorry.)
I’ve been reading a lot of stories about ‘body acceptance’ and ‘body equality’ or whatever you would like to call it lately. I think these articles are a good thing, as most of them are encouraging women to accept their (healthy) bodies, and to realize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Size 2 is fine if you’re a healthy 2, and I know people that are. Size 12 is fine if you’re a healthy 12, which I am.
But you know me, there has to be a…
…HOWEVER. (You knew it was coming.)
A downside of these stories is that they keep women focusing on their bodies, constantly. If you read 15 body-acceptance blogs in a day, that’s all you’re going to think about. Ladies. (And, perhaps, Gents.) THERE IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD OUT THERE. Go outside and look at the beauty of nature. Learn to play an instrument. Learn to play a sport. Read. Write. Whatever. Think about something else foe a while. Your body is far from being the most important part of you or your life. There is so much more to you. Worry about the size of your brain for once, not your waist. Trust me. it’ll get you a lot farther. If you’re constantly agonizing about your appearance, you’re paralyzed. You can’t fulfill your amazing potential, you can’t change the world. You are strictly one-dimensional.
Think about it.
And make a difference.
P.S. Men that think it’s okay to comment on women’s appearance ALL THE TIME: Shut your mouths. It ain’t none of your damn business. Try takin’ a look at your own fat asses once in a while, eh? Work for ya? Good, I’m glad.


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