Coat Check

Afternoon, ladies and gents. Hope you’re all surviving the work (or school) week! I’m up to my jewel-studded earlobes in Supreme Court casebriefs, essays, and articles. (Just kidding, I can’t afford jewels to stud anything. I can afford stick-on ones from the craft store. The rest is true, though.) It’s finally starting to get cooler here in Oregon, and I’m starting to drool over every other cute coat I see. I have a jacket thing, you guys. It’s bad. Plus, the lovely and unbelievably long summer we’ve had here is making me paranoid our winter is going to be of Siberian proportions. I’m not an optimist, but you probably already know that.
It doesn’t help that most fashion blogs and magazines are currently reinforcing my addiction. The only problem is that that killer Jason Wu blazer costs more than my rent and car combined. Accordingly, I donned my typing fingers and hit the interwebs. Here are a few gorgeous and (slightly more) affordable options I managed to scrounge.

Great military-inspired pick from Forever 21, and it’ll only cost you about 35 bucks. The downside is that 1 in a billion people can pull of this color..if you’re like me, opt for the black version.

I love me a trenchcoat, and ever since I put a swatch of purple in my hair last month, I’ve loved this color. By Tulle clothing.

Awesome mix of ladylike tweed and zipper detailing on this option from Mossimo. You can find it online at


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