On The Market For A New Headsuit

Hey y’all. It’s Monday!! (At least here it is) I know you need reminding. As many of you who read this blog regularly probably know, I have fought a life-long battle with my hair. It’s that I have BAD hair, but it’s…stubborn. Very stubborn. It’s been short, long, highlighted, permed, straightened, layered, razored, streaked, extended, you name it. I’m a chameleon. In fact, the frequency with which I change my hairstyle had become a sort of running joke among my friends and family.
This being said, it comes as no surprise that I’m changing it again, despite the fact that I got it cut a month ago. (You know what they say, every six weeks!) I put a purple swatch in it, and decided that I like the color so much I’m going to dye the entire bottom layer the same color.
Which brings us to the cut. After being told by many people that I could pass for Adele’s younger sister, I have decided to steal one of her many adorable haircuts. Here’s a pic of it, in all its retro-inspired glory.


These bangs.


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