The Good Old (TERRIFYING) Days

Hey y’all! For those of you who live under rocks, (no judgement), it’s HALLOWEEN IN 2 DAYS! I’m excited, can you tell? It’s the first Halloween where I haven’t had to work in about three years. (You’d think I was 40 years old. Nope. Just driven..) I’m going a sugar skull girl, complete with huge hair/flowers/black dress. Heck yea.
Around this time of year, I always start to see pictures of creepy*ss vintage costumes. *Ahem* PINTEREST. Not just kinda creepy, horrifying. And, because misery loves company, here’s a few great examples.

this is bad enough…JUST WAIT

great example of how a gasmask can make anyone look crazy


nope. no. nada. nunca. nein. GO AWAY

did they kidnap the normal guys?

and, finally. I have nothing to say


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