Bring On The Tryptophan (SCIENCE!)

SO much wtf

Well, here in the USA, it’s almost time for all of us to fight with our extended families, watch chubby men tackle each other, and stuff ourselves with carbohydrates. How is this different from any other day, you may ask? IT’S A HOLIDAY, DUH. Thanksgiving comes early this year, which is a good thing because I need to sleep for three days straight. Term papers/projects have been BRUTAL this quarter. If I’m sacked out on the couch right after dinner Thursday, it will be from exhaustion, not a carb coma. (Ok, so it’ll be a bit of both…and the fact that I have been unable to convince the male members of the family that I NEED TO WATCH THE DOWNTON ABBY MARATHON. I cannot focus on football for more than 10 minutes.) If you’re celebrating this week, have a great time, don’t punch your in-laws, don’t drink too much…or at least try not to, and CAREFUL on Black Friday. I don’t want any of y’all getting trampled. Bummer, man.


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