A Year Without Fear

courageHey y’all! Hope your holiday season wasn’t too hard on your wallets our your waistlines;) Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition I generally ignore. They don’t seem to have much of a point, and are often discarded before Valentine’s Day. Plus, I’m already awesome. Do I really need to improve?! All ego aside, we all have flaws, and in 2013, I have resolved to conquer one of mine.
Nothing brings my type-A personality to the forefront like being forced to try something new. Usually I avoid doing so, even though it might be subconscious. Why? Because the first time you try something, you aren’t going to be good at it. There’s only one reason this wouldn’t be true: you lied, and aren’t a first-timer.
I recently purchased a truck with a manual transmission…and I didn’t know how to drive one. Thankfully, my father was willing to teach me, an offer he soon came to regret (even if he never admitted it.) eventually I figured it out, but not without a significant amount of fear and loathing. Fact: when something scares you, make like Nike and just do it.
All of this brings me to my actual resolution: to fear failure less, and therefore be able to try more new things. Here are a few ideas.
1. Learning to sew: sewing is intimidating, simply because of the many ways you can mess it up. Darts. Zippers. Buttonholes. Sewing a sleeve onto the front of a dress instead of the armhole. (I don’t want to talk about it.) Also, there’s a lot of math involved, and math is not my forte. Still, I’m going to do it. My mom has been sewing since she was a teenager, so at least I know who to call for some expert advice.
2. Road trips: there’s a joke in my family that whatever I say about driving directions is probably the exact opposite of the truth. I have no natural sense of direction. Why don’t I like long drives? Because I will probably get lost, that’s why! Investing in a GPS would probably help with this. Google maps will have to do, however.
3. Signing up for National Student Exchange: I am applying for a Killam Fellowship for next year. If I get it, it will allow me to study for a semester in Canada, and all the expenses will be covered. It would be a great opportunity to learn and grow, but leaving the cozy confines of Monmouth will be challenging..not to mention I would be leaving the country for three months, at the very least. The scholarship isn’t guaranteed, which is why I’m also signing up to participate in the National Student Exchange, (NSE). In other words, I’m going to Canada next year, not matter what.
4. Looking for internships: you know what’s scary? Job interviews, that’s what. They’re happening anyway. As much as I enjoyed painting classrooms last summer, I kind of need to find a job/internship that will relate to my future career for this summer. Applications ahoy!
If you tend to be too hard on yourself, especially when it comes to learning new things, you should cut it out give yourself a break once in a while. Nobody is perfect, and trying to be so doesn’t do anyone any favors. If you fail occasionally, it’s okay. Everyone does. Pick yourself up and try again, but don’t let it get the best of you.


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