Blue (Not Suede) Shoes

Hey everyone, it’s Friday (here) I bet you didn’t know that and were DYING to be told. It’s 1983 and Google doesn’t exist yet. Speaking of 1983, skate shoes! Yes, that’s a clunky transition. Give a sister a break. It’s been a long week. Got fired from one of my jobs, papers and tests, etc. But where was I? Oh right, shoes. How the bloody hell could I forget that?
Over Christmas break, I got these.
white vans
Cute but a little boring. Ironically, I am not a fan of the color white. So, as is my usual, I decided to give them a face-lift. The Rit dye website basically has every technique that you could ever want, with much better instructions than yours truly can write. Check it out. Seriously, they have guides for how to get like a BILLION shades. Now that my nod to my sponsor is over, we can continue.
This is abad photo. I realize that. THERE IS A GREEK YOGURT BUCKET/JAR IN THE BACKGROUND. I’m just tryna keep it real, you know? Anyhoo, after I dyed/died, I rinsed and rinsed the way, take the insoles out first if you do this, it keeps them from getting soggy. Also, rinse the post-dye shoes, rinse like they’ve been in a meth house for six months, or maybe a nuclear plant. GET ALL THE EXTRA DYE OUT OR IT WILL RUIN YOUR FAVORITE SOCKS.
The next and final step is letting them dry, and it’s best to set them upside down on a towel you don’t like and leave them there for as long as it takes. Which will probably be hours. I have a hard time being patient. I may have tried them on while they were damp. It was a bad idea.
I plan to add spikes later, I just have to order them. Blue, spiked Vans? In the words of my brother, “Fresh.”


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