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MOMA On Your Nails

Hey everyone. I’m sure y’all have seen the “galaxy nails” manicure pictures floating around lately..(almost a pun..not quite.) I decided to try it. It didn’t really turn out like the pictures (surprise), but it gave a better idea. Because I’m awesome. And I think. And when I think, I get ideas. GREAT ONES. Glad we … Continue reading

I love my birthday

Greetings acolytes! (Okay that’s taking it a little too far.) It was my birthday recently, (I was 21 on 02/12/2012. AWESOME), and I received a super cool present from a friend..I guess you could say I got some Dior for my birthday. But not what you’re thinking. They bought Christian Dior’s style guide, the ‘Little Dictionary of Fashion.’ … Continue reading

this book rocks: 70’s edition

Howdy dudes and dudettes! Hope your week is off to a rip-roarin’ start! Ok, enough of that. This post is to remind y’all that DIY isn’t a recent thing. Hippies were all about doing it yourself. This book is something I found in a thrift store at the coast. I loved the font/color scheme on … Continue reading

the finished product(s)

Hello world! I’m happy to say I survived midterms (barely), and actually managed to get a full night’s sleep TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW. It’s amazing what something so simple can do. Y’all remember that post i did a while back about DIY art for my boring, snow-white-walled apartment? Of course you. WELL. I did … Continue reading