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Lasses With Glasses

“I’m too fabulous for this bloke, but I guess I’ll make the best of it” Second photo featuring specs..all y’all with only 2 eyes should be jealous. Advertisements

happy friday to alla youse guys

Happy Friday! Hope you have a good weekend! I’m heading back home to see my family, and I’m rather glad I don’t have to drive this! The young lady that is looks pretty thrilled, though. I wonder what was considered a good driving song back then? PEACE!

how to wear vintage

how to wear vintage

Heeeeeeey yooouuuuu guuuuuuuuys!  We’re halfway through the week, and today was payday. I guess you could say I’m having a rather okay day. I hope you are as well. Through the years I have been wearing vintage clothes, I have certainly had my share of outlandish outfits (see what I did there?) Many people will … Continue reading

I love my birthday

Greetings acolytes! (Okay that’s taking it a little too far.) It was my birthday recently, (I was 21 on 02/12/2012. AWESOME), and I received a super cool present from a friend..I guess you could say I got some Dior for my birthday. But not what you’re thinking. They bought Christian Dior’s style guide, the ‘Little Dictionary of Fashion.’ … Continue reading

mirror, mirror, on the wall

‘sup Dudes? It’s Thursday, and I am crazy ready for the weekend. I get to see my family and a city that doesn’t still have one-horse carriages rumbling down Main Street. (Ok, I’m kidding, it’s not nearly that cute. More like pickup trucks the size Tokyo rumbling down Main Street.) My point: I am in … Continue reading