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AAAAUUUUUUGH! (AKA 1st World Problems)

HEY! Guess what? I’m having a horrible week. Like Charlie-Brown-tripping-when-Lucy-pulls-the-football-out bad. Flat on my face. You get it. *DISCLAIMER* Whiny woman ahead. If this bothers you, KEEP MOVIN’, BUB. Let me walk you through some events: 1. This kid I work with called my personal style bizarre. IT AIN’T BIZARRE, IT’S UNIQUE. is a … Continue reading

hey, i’m feeling studious

Finals are quickly approaching, and that being said, I still have round of exams/papers due BEFORE them. This term. It’s killin’ me, man. Obviously, with this much wok to do, I need good music to study to. Although my favorite bands tend to fall along the lines of Soundgarden or Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell’s angsty … Continue reading