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the finished product(s)

Hello world! I’m happy to say I survived midterms (barely), and actually managed to get a full night’s sleep TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW. It’s amazing what something so simple can do. Y’all remember that post i did a while back about DIY art for my boring, snow-white-walled apartment? Of course you. WELL. I did … Continue reading

chalk it up to..

Good day, all! It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Oregon, and even though I am currently in the midst on midterms, I’m finding it hard to be depressed. My good pal and roommate recently had the brilliant idea of covering the tops of our beat-up coffee tables with chalkboard paint. I took ’em home … Continue reading

wishlist wednesday: art

Maybe it’s the torrential downpour and slate-grey skies outside right now, but I have suddenly realized that the walls of my tiny apartment are very..white. Not that white is a bad thing, really, (Hey, I’M white, after all), but I find myself craving color. Oregon winters will do that to a sister. This post really … Continue reading