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AAAAUUUUUUGH! (AKA 1st World Problems)

HEY! Guess what? I’m having a horrible week. Like Charlie-Brown-tripping-when-Lucy-pulls-the-football-out bad. Flat on my face. You get it. *DISCLAIMER* Whiny woman ahead. If this bothers you, KEEP MOVIN’, BUB. Let me walk you through some events: 1. This kid I work with called my personal style bizarre. IT AIN’T BIZARRE, IT’S UNIQUE. is a … Continue reading

Keep Your Tiskets AND Taskets

Hey Errybody! I would like to remind you that the weekend is only a scant DAY (…andahalf) away. Too bad I’m working Saturday AND Sunday. Le sigh. Anyway, since this is my blog and I am therefore supreme dictator of it, I am going to engage in a little shameless bragging. Ya know how when … Continue reading

Holy Crap Those Pants Are BRIGHT

More Pinterest lost in translation projects! This one actually turned out ok, surprisingly. The only problem is that these kinda look like girly fireman pants…I guess there isn’t a problem. AHEM.         1. The Bait. Love everything about these, kicky pose included.     2. My version, in-progress. GREEEEEEEEN.     3. … Continue reading

Learn From My Fail, Pt. I

You know that moment when you see a totally bitchin’ project on pinterest, and you think to yourself, “I could so make that happen”, but you really SHOULD leave it alone?! WELL. It happened. Since I know that happens to a lot of us, here are the gory (and glittery) details. 1. The bait. This … Continue reading

this book rocks: 70’s edition

Howdy dudes and dudettes! Hope your week is off to a rip-roarin’ start! Ok, enough of that. This post is to remind y’all that DIY isn’t a recent thing. Hippies were all about doing it yourself. This book is something I found in a thrift store at the coast. I loved the font/color scheme on … Continue reading

friday wtf: ancient aliens

So y’all can’t judge me, but I MAY have recently started watching a show about alien conspiracy theories. Why wouldn’t I? (I know, right? That’s exactly what I said! Wait. I’m talking to myself again.) It’s been another long week of work, and I needed something entertaining. Plus, it’s HILARIOUS how serious the hosts are … Continue reading