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And I’m Out

Hey dudes! Finals loom on the horizon, and Spring break will follow soon after! I’m gonna be wicked busy for the next couple of weeks, so I will see y’all back here in April. Until then, enjoy these pictures of places I DON’T get to vacation in. Advertisements

Lasses With Glasses

“I’m too fabulous for this bloke, but I guess I’ll make the best of it” Second photo featuring specs..all y’all with only 2 eyes should be jealous.

how to wear vintage

how to wear vintage

Heeeeeeey yooouuuuu guuuuuuuuys!  We’re halfway through the week, and today was payday. I guess you could say I’m having a rather okay day. I hope you are as well. Through the years I have been wearing vintage clothes, I have certainly had my share of outlandish outfits (see what I did there?) Many people will … Continue reading

I love my birthday

Greetings acolytes! (Okay that’s taking it a little too far.) It was my birthday recently, (I was 21 on 02/12/2012. AWESOME), and I received a super cool present from a friend..I guess you could say I got some Dior for my birthday. But not what you’re thinking. They bought Christian Dior’s style guide, the ‘Little Dictionary of Fashion.’ … Continue reading

wishlist wednesday: whiteout

Hola mis amigos! It’s almost Spring, and I’m starting to fantasize about ditching the thick sweaters, tall boots, scarves, and coats. Visions of floaty tops, skirts, and maybe even a dress or two are dancing in my mind. Don’t get me wrong; sweaters are my LIFE, as any hipster worth their weight in PBR will … Continue reading

a horrible, awful, very bad week

  Buenos dias, muchachos. Incidentally, when I typed “Muchachos”, my computer suggested I change it to “Muttonchops.” So: Buenos dias, muttonchops! But let’s get down to brass tacks: last week SUCKED. It was almost unbelievable. I know we all have our issues, so I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say that I called my … Continue reading

wishlist wednesday: spring

My mom read me these books when I was little. They were about a mouse named Vera who loved clothes. I think this may have been the root of my fashion obsession, but what’s my point?  Vera had a problem with dressing for the weather. I feel ya, sister. The first nice day of late … Continue reading

I Like

Hello, my lovelies! The reason you haven’t heard from me in few days is because my neighborhood was close to being underwater. Seriously, it wasn’t even funny. I was having dreams about floating around somewhere clinging to a door, Titanic-style. but the waters are now receding, and hopefully they continue to do so. In the … Continue reading

wishlist wednesday: art

Maybe it’s the torrential downpour and slate-grey skies outside right now, but I have suddenly realized that the walls of my tiny apartment are very..white. Not that white is a bad thing, really, (Hey, I’M white, after all), but I find myself craving color. Oregon winters will do that to a sister. This post really … Continue reading