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Lasses With Glasses

“I’m too fabulous for this bloke, but I guess I’ll make the best of it” Second photo featuring specs..all y’all with only 2 eyes should be jealous. Advertisements

a horrible, awful, very bad week

  Buenos dias,┬ámuchachos. Incidentally, when I typed “Muchachos”, my computer suggested I change it to “Muttonchops.” So: Buenos dias, muttonchops! But let’s get down to brass tacks: last week SUCKED. It was almost unbelievable. I know we all have our issues, so I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say that I called my … Continue reading

wishlist wednesday: spring

My mom read me these books when I was little. They were about a mouse named Vera who loved clothes. I think this may have been the root of my fashion obsession, but what’s my point? ┬áVera had a problem with dressing for the weather. I feel ya, sister. The first nice day of late … Continue reading

ruffle some-well, you know.

Feathers have been a huge thing lately. I admit I kinda thought they’s go away, but they haven’t. Feather skirts! Feather hats! Feather dresses! CAW-CAW! Sorry. As much as I love this trend, (I was stealing my dad’s fly-tying stuff to make headbands LONG before this whole thing started), I don’t see myself rockin’ a … Continue reading